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There’s never been a more important time to choose your international shipping partner carefully than right now. We’re nearly two years past the beginning of a global pandemic and supply chains are still turned on their heads. Shipping delays abound as clearance restrictions tighten and worker shortages continue. The big question: how can you avoid shipping headaches by choosing the right partner?

Here are some priorities to consider:

1. Shipping Deadlines

When you order goods, you don’t want to wait forever to receive them. That’s why Splendid Packaging has chosen three strategic global locations through which to receive goods, giving you the fastest delivery possible. We work preferably on the import to Nigeria of international shipping logistics so that you can receive your packages in a timely manner- as little as 5-12 business days depending on the origin of shipping

2. Shipping Rates

The lowest shipping costs aren’t the end-all deciding factor in choosing an international shipping partner. You get what you pay for, and going a cheaper route often means sacrificing things like tracking, speed, and care of your items. Because let’s face it: shipping items internationally means changing hands many times until your goods reach you.

But you shouldn’t have to pay a premium every time you order something. Splendid Packaging offers fair shipping rates that adjust based on current conditions. This means you’re never stuck paying more than you need to.

3. Shipping Services

Not all international shipping services are created equal. That’s why we developed Splendid Packaging in the first place. We know that not every online store will ship to Nigeria, but we didn’t want citizens to be cut out of a global marketplace. We developed shipping hubs in the US, UK, and China, so when you place an order, your items will go to the nearest hub and then make their way to you. Online shopping has never been easier!

Choose the Best Nigeria Shipping Logistics

Splendid Packaging makes online ordering a pleasure. Learn more about what makes us the best international shipping partner for Nigeria, then create your free account today!

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